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Eee PC 901 2gb upgrade problem

Ok so today i upgraded my sweet Eee PC 901 with 2gb of ram. Inserting it and starting up seemed normal. Then whilst all of the programs were installing the screen went a bit haywire. Here is a photo to how it looked courtesy of someone else who experienced the same issue.

eee pc memory upgrade SHE issue

As you can see the image on the right is fragmented and frozen. I watched the reboot several times and everything boots normally until it hits a certain problem program.

What that program was i wasn’t sure but after a bit of research using my google fu i found out that Super Hybrid Engine was the issues.  This is the program that makes the battery last for a long time depending on the conditions that its being used for.  But you don’t need it apparently so i have uninstalled it from my machine. I cant say that i have noticed any performance issues yet but then again i only use this machine where there is a power socket. The main thing is that the machine works and there seems to be no issues.

So in case the above isn’t clear when you install new memory and the screen looks like the above on start up.  Start the computer in safe mode and uninstall Super Hybrid Engine.

Then restart the computer and everything will be fine.

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