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Guide to installing OpenOffice.

After celebrating OpenOffices tenth birthday last month I though it was high time I wrote a guide to installing OpenOffice on your PC. Contrary to popular belief there are many options when it comes to office software. OpenOffice is just one of them. So lets get started….

The OpenOffice website is well written and easy to navigate. Take a look for yourself at

To begin with you will need to download OpenOffice onto your machine from here…….

In Google Chrome you should see something like this in the bottom left of your browser.

Click on the Save button and it will start downloading, You will notice it counting down whilst it downloads the full 144MB of the program onto your PC. Once its complete and there are no more minutes left on the countdown. You should see something like this…..

Ok so now double click the box in your browser like the one in the picture above and this will start the install. Once double clicked you should get something like this.

OK so lets click the Next Button….. You should get this next.

OK the box is asking us to unpack OpenOffice into a saved folder. Click on Unpack… You should get this next.

Ok so now the box is telling us that its going to install OpenOffice onto our PC so just click next to continue. You should see something like this next.

So fill in the details into the Username box and if its a work computer put your company name in the organisation box. Then click next to continue. You should see this.

Now make sure Complete install is selected and then click Next. You should see this.

Ok so the box is telling up that the installation wizard is ready to install now. So make sure the Create a start link on the desktop is ticked like in the image above. This way when you want to write a Letter you dont have to go through the Start menu you can just click on an icon on the desktop. Then Click Install. You should notice Jave updating and then the actual OpenOffice install commence. This may take a few minutes. Once all is done you should see something like this.

Click on the Finish button to Exit the installation wizard. Have a little look at your desktop now and see if you can find the OpenOffice icon. It looks like this…..

Double click the icon and you should get something like this…

Obviously the choice is yours but I choose not to register. So select I do not want to register and click OK. You should see this….

This is your welcome screen. Sorry its a little small but WordPress the bit that makes my website happen wouldn’t allow me to make it bigger. If you click on the image it should take you to a full size image then click the back button to come back here.

So this is your Installation of OpenOffice Completed

Thanks for Listening and i Look forward to your comments.

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Guide to installing and using IObit Smart Defrag

In this guide we will hold your hand whilst installing IObit’s Smart Defrag to your PC.

So firstly here is a video of the process of downloading, installing and using Smart Defrag provided by the ComputerTechTV Youtube Channel Found here…

The owner of the video below is Rick Arter.

To keep your computer running at its best, you should defragment your hard drive. Defragmenting your hard drive improves your computer’s performance and is something you should be doing regularly.

A fragmented hard drive is the number one cause of a slow PC next to not having enough memory.

NOTE – To see any of the images below any bigger just click on the image and them click the back button on your browser to bring you back to the guide.

So lets get started here is the link to the website for IObit’s Smart Defrag.

To download the program click <<<< here >>>> Courtesy of the Major Geeks Website… :-)

Once you click on the above link you will see the image below in Google Chrome or something else if your using a different browser. Just follow your nose if your using a different browser or ask in the comments if your not sure.

Click on save and once its downloaded you will see this…..

Double click the defragsetup.exe box that you see above and you should then see this….

Click Run to continue and you will then see this….

Click Next and the License Agreement pops up like this….

Click your mouse in the ‘I accept the agreement’ hole. Then click Next…..

OK now just click Next……

Again nothing to do here just click Next….

Make sure both boxes are ticked here and click next….

Now click on install….

Once its installed you will get this box…. Untick ‘View what’s new’ then click ‘Finish’

So next the program will open up just like in the image below. But before we get started with the defrag lets get you started up on automatic defragging on a regular basis lets say on a two weekly basis. This should keep your PC in Tip Top Shape. Then we will make a start on giving your PC a good Defragging.

So this is what the Smart Defrag Program looks like.

Ok so lets get started getting it set for regular defragging…

Click on the Schedule button on the left hand side…..

Now put a tick in the next to the hard drives that you want to defrag in my case i only have the one drive on this machine and its the C: drive.

In the Options section tick the Enable Schedule box and from the Action drop down menu select ‘Deep Optimize’

Everything should look as it does above….

Now click on the ‘Auto Defrag’ Button on the left and you should get something like this…..

Now click on the ‘Recommended’ button at the bottom and then click on ‘Apply’

That’s that little section done. Now click on the ‘Defrag Now’ button on the left.

Here we are at the main screen….

So as in the above image put a tick next to the C:\ or next to the drives that you want to defrag. Then select ‘Deep optimize’ from the drop down menu as you can see in the image above. Now click on the Start button.

You should see something like this start going on….

If it looks something like this it really needs to be defragged. As you can see in the image above there is a lot of Red those are Fragmented Files. The actual number of Fragmented files is listed at the bottom of the screen. Mine was 1751 not bad. I turned my Auto Defrag off a while back for some work that i needed to do and forgot to reset it. Done on a fortnightly basis your machine will run nice and smoothly without the worry of having to remember to do it.

Unlike other Defragging programs you can work whilst this is defragging in the background.

I look forward to your comments.

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Darren Foster Computer Services AVG Authorized Reseller…..

Good Morning Folks,

So this morning I received my Authorized Reseller status from AVG.

What does this mean….. This obviously means that you can buy your AVG security directly from myself.

Below is a small presentation explaining the differences between the Free Antivirus Solution and the paid for Internet Security Solution

AVG 2011 How to Choose What is the Best for You

If you have any Questions feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section or email me at

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Qwiki – An information experience, transforming static information into an interactive media experience.

So this week has been a very busy week indeed meaning I’ve become a bad blogger and not posted in nearly a week. So after a relaxing weekend of just chilling out I thought I would treat you to a cool website that recently said “Hello World”.

The Website in Question is called Qwiki and the “Hello World” blog post can be read below or you can find the original content here.

Hello World.

Welcome to Qwiki, the world’s first information experience.

Today, Qwiki enters private “Alpha” – a test phase where invited users offer feedback that helps us perfect Qwiki’s technology. If you haven’t received your invite yet, leave your email or follow us @Qwiki.

What is Qwiki?
Qwiki is the world’s first “information experience”, powered by a technology that transforms static information into interactive stories.

What can I do with Qwiki?
To start, Qwiki covers 2 million reference terms – including a wide variety of people, places and things. You can type in any indexed term and Qwiki will generate an “information experience” describing it.

Feedback is most important!
The purpose of the Qwiki Alpha is to gather feedback on each Qwiki you watch, via a form that appears at the end. You can also leave feedback at any time by clicking the “leave feedback” button.

Leave feedback on 25 Qwikis, and we will send you a t-shirt!

Let’s try experiencing “New Zealand”:

Search results appear in real time below the bar.

Once you select a Qwiki, your information experience will begin (note: if you experience slow loading times, please report them via the “leave feedback” button).

Watch as your selected term is transformed into a visual presentation accompanied by real-time audio narration and other data including:

* Maps
* Movies
* Images
* Animations
* …and much more coming soon!

Remember, every Qwiki is both immersive and interactive. You can click on objects within the Qwiki for further interactivity and a more detailed view of the object.

Browse maps

View full videos

Every Qwiki has “related” Qwikis, viewable by browsing the bar below the player, or clicking any image, video, or animation that has a “Q” in the top right corner.

You can also click on images in order to activate “detail view”. Detail view allows you to see the source of the image and to explore related Qwikis.

What to do when your Qwiki ends? You have lots of options:

* Replay and share the Qwiki
* Watch related Qwikis
* Explore the sourced pages on
Wikipedia, Google, flickr, and YouTube for your Qwiki

Remember, you can rate each Qwiki when it ends (or any time throughout by clicking the Leave Feedback post-it). This feedback is extremely important, as it helps us train the technology:

Soon you’ll be able to watch Qwikis on your Facebook friends, local restaurants – and we hope, eventually any topic in the world. In fact, any publisher or person will soon be able to create qwikis.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Qwiki, and send us questions, comments, critiques, and love at We look forward to hearing from you!

Ok so that’s what they put on their blog explaining what its all about now its time to get your ass over to the site and try some of the Examples available. Here for example is the Eiffel Tower.


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