Guide to installing OpenOffice.

After celebrating OpenOffices tenth birthday last month I though it was high time I wrote a guide to installing OpenOffice on your PC. Contrary to popular belief there are many options when it comes to office software. OpenOffice is just one of them. So lets get started…. The OpenOffice website is well written and easy […]

Guide to installing and using IObit Smart Defrag

In this guide we will hold your hand whilst installing IObit’s Smart Defrag to your PC. So firstly here is a video of the process of downloading, installing and using Smart Defrag provided by the ComputerTechTV Youtube Channel Found here… The owner of the video below is Rick Arter. To keep your computer running […]

Darren Foster Computer Services AVG Authorized Reseller…..

Good Morning Folks, So this morning I received my Authorized Reseller status from AVG. What does this mean….. This obviously means that you can buy your AVG security directly from myself. Below is a small presentation explaining the differences between the Free Antivirus Solution and the paid for Internet Security Solution AVG 2011 How to […]

Qwiki – An information experience, transforming static information into an interactive media experience.

So this week has been a very busy week indeed meaning I’ve become a bad blogger and not posted in nearly a week. So after a relaxing weekend of just chilling out I thought I would treat you to a cool website that recently said “Hello World”. The Website in Question is called Qwiki and […]