First post on the clean site.

I’m not new to blogging. I have had a blog for a long time. I have just wiped my old site at this address after archiving the site. I had over 10 years worth of blog posts on there. In a previous life i had a computer repair business. More recently I’m a partner in an advertising business.  So i thought it time for a good clear out and make this more about me and keep stuff in here for personal thoughts and musings. I hope to bring a little humour, thought provocation, and inspiration. I will try not to shock you.

Some of you might have seen my foot work on Instagram and thought i had gone nuts, but nope. I accepted a challenge on an obscure Facebook group that i happen to be a member of (Børing Støries). Its a page for the really mundane amongst us. Quite frankly i love it in there. I’m suitably boring enough to fit right in there. Anyway back to the story… the challenge was set i said i would be able to do a years worth of sock photos on the site. New socks everyday and no repeats. We are currently 4 months deep into the challenge. Here are yesterdays socks…..

Well there you go… yes i know your impressed. You can follow these escapades on my Instagram feed here… 

I have the idea that all these photos will be turned into a calendar for next year to raise funds for the RNLI. By the end of the year i will have 365 pairs of socks.  I have an artist freind who thinks we can make an art installation for the RNLI with the socks and possible auction them off. Who knows… watch this space anything is possible.

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