St John’s Wort

Going through a low patch in life can be unbearable at best. But going to the doctor to be prescribed a drug that is going to make you drowsy and not allow you to function at 100% is worse again. I was going through a low patch recently and didn’t want any mind numbing drug that would take me away from my real self. When i was last on anti depressants 10 years ago i felt like a zombie and really didn’t have control of my life. It was almost like having a permanent out of body experience is how i would describe it.

Lets roll back 5 months. Personal circumstances brought me to a new low but i knew that it wasn’t a bad bad low just a mild low. I had considered going back to the doctor but didn’t want anything that would alter my mind. So a little googling and i found St John’s Wort. I am currently taking one a day of these.

A miracle cure if i don’t say so myself, i don’t know if its a placebo effect but i definatly find life much easier. I don’t have the racing thoughts at night, I can think clearly concisely and i have a new zest for life. I don’t know how you were meant to take it but i take it at night just before bed.  I do this because my thinking is its a downer and meant to relax the mind. I’ve been an insomniac for as long as i can remember and a cyclic one at that. Meaning i go through periods of time where every night for about 3 weeks i will be awake all night until i can take no more and i get megga cranky and have to go to the doctor to get sleeping pills. I used to get prescribed Zopiclone.  A mind bending drug that would allow me to sleep walk to the pantry and eat everything in there and not realise I’ve done so.  I could clear a fridge on these things. Not great but they worked and i slept well. Felt a little drowsy most of the morning the next day but i slept. I would take these for a week then be back to a sleep routine and a few weeks later the cycle would start again. Since taking the St John’s Wort at bedtime i have slept all night every night for the last 5 months. This has never happened before.  Sleep is the key to everything, without sleep the mind goes cranky and St John’s Wort has allowed me to sleep without any side affects at all.

Who knew that a little flower that you see on your walk could produce such a great responce. My mood is certainly lifted and I’m an altogether more confident person.

Would i recommend this to other people.. yes!

It might not work for everyone but i for one can say that i have had a good personal experience with St Johns Wort.

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  1. I’m glad it worked for you. I tried taking it but found that it mixed badly with medicines I have to take for asthma so it’s not a good thing for me. I think lots of people do get relief from symptoms by using it though x

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