Book Review – A Naked Mind, Annie Grace

For me this has been one of the most inspirational mind bending books i have read. I used drink but don’t really feel that I’ve ever had anything great from drinking.  Its been full of stupid moments and a few regrets. Its a great book if you are questioning like i did your relationship with alcohol. This book teaches your unconscious brain facts about alcohol that will help you drink less or not drink any more. This book made me question my drinking and gave me some real truths regarding alcohol. One of the biggest things for me what the shift in my mind that at any time where i would normally have gone for a drink or thought ill get a bottle and take it home i don’t think that any more.  This book made me think alcohol isn’t for me and has given me the ability to walk away or turn down a drink.  I’m not saying that i won’t ever drink any more but where i used to drink to excess i no longer do. I can make an informed decision to stop.  Worth a read!



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