eBay New Stuff – This Week

So here goes… going to use this as a bit of a platform for explaining how i go about getting stock for the laptop Breakers 4 U eBay Shop and showcase a few items. So last week i put a call out on Facebook marketplace for broken laptops cash available. I picked up two laptops. […]

Ebay – I’m Back

So if you were brought here by ebay… thats great I’m now reselling on eBay again in my spare time. mainly old laptop parts. So bear me in mind if you have any old laptops hanging around. I have cash waiting 🙂 darren@darrenfoster.co.uk Here is all the stuff i have for sale right now…. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/www_darrenfoster_co_uk/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Help I think my WordPress site has been hacked!

Suffering a hack can be one of the more frustrating experiences you’ll have on your online journey. Like most things however, taking a pragmatic approach can help you maintain your sanity. While also moving beyond the issues with as little impact as possible. A hack is a very ambiguous term, which in it of itself […]

Barry Perrins – Adventures of an Old Sea Dog.

Adventure sailing series with new videos every week. After buying a Van der Stadt ‘Seal’36 sailing boat called ‘White Shadow’ in Portugal, Barry (The old Seadog) Perrins spends the next winter living on board in the Algarve before planning to sail solo to England. The only problem is that in between him and his goal […]

Weekend nautical links worth a look :-)

https://activecaptain.com/ ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook including marina reviews, moorings, contact information, pricing, services, amenities, maps, charts, anchorages…… Sailing With A Windvane Manufactured in Sweden since 1976, Sailomat windvanes employ the servo-pendulum system (SPS) and are available in models to fit yachts………. S / Y Mathilde The blog here is a collection of travel letters and […]

Patreon Campaign – How to install AVG Free 2016

I have been making How to articles for How to install AVG Free for years and its time to do another one for the new version of AVG Free 2016. Here is an example of an older version of the How to install AVG Free 2011. This is a Patreon Campaign for me to write an […]

House of Cards – Season 4 – Official Trailer – Netflix [HD]

Cant wait… this is my first weekend of March sorted. Binge watching this…..  

Thursday it’s nearly fucking Friday :-) #wearyournhs

  Wear Your NHS – Support Junior Doctors Wear your t-shirt designed by Vivienne Westwood to support our junior doctors and our NHS….. Coffee Is Good For You: Myth Or Fact? Ah, coffee. My pride and joy — the reason I get out of bed. But, what if it’s actually causing you to stay out of bed, […]

Hump Day Feed…. Dancing or Drowning in the Rain?

Dancing or drowning in the rain? | Dick Moore | TEDxExeter Life is in three parts: sometimes fun, sometimes normal, and sometimes stormy. How are we teaching children resilience when they encounter the storms?  Dick Moore has been an English teacher, rugby coach, senior school housemaster and prep school headmaster, the latter for almost 23 […]

The Pancake Tuesday Feed :-)

Pancake Day Six things you need to know about pancake day With Shrove Tuesday upon us, WIRED obviously had a moral obligation to gather together the best pancake-related facts.  So we did, and they include pancake-flipping robots and pancake-wearing rabbits. Are you excited? You better be excited….. The day the NHS saved my life: my […]