Dropped your phone, Camera or iPod in water.

Save a phone, an ipod, a camera or other electronic device and save yourself hundreds of pounds for a replacement.

Rescuetec has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and is proven to recover phones and other personal electronic devices, even after prolonged submersion in water. Other liquids such as salt water, alcohol, detergent and toilet contents can also be removed with a combination of rinsing the pollutant away with clean water and then using the Rescuetec pack.

NOTE: If your device is wet but still working, the faster you turn it off the better the chance of recovery. You can still remove the liquid several days after you’ve damaged your device.

RescueTec Wet Phone Recovery System from RescueTec on Vimeo.

Up to 700% more effective than rice and 300% more effective than Silica Gel

The RescueTec recovery system works by removing the water from personal electronic devices, such as:

– Mobile Phones
– PDA’s
– MP3 Players
– Watches
– Cameras
– Remotes
– Head Phones


Lightweight pack that absorbs liquid and helps recover mobile phones and electronic devices
Your device can be rescued even after prolonged subemersion in water
Soaks up far more moisture than household alternatives
Unique technology in its absorbing compound

Buy it now £14.99 and £1 Postage.

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