Four Short Links…. Monday 8th April 2013

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Todays Four short links.

Guy Kawasaki – social media guru, entrepreneur, innovator and venture capitalist. Gives away four books.

So browsing through my Google Plus feed yesterday I noticed Guy Kawasaki’s post about his free books and decided to take a look, one in particular caught my attention because I’m a novice at Google Plus really. His awesome book called ‘What the Plus!” Google + for the rest of us is a guide to Google plus with some extraordinary nuggets of info gold in there. I haven’t looked at the other books yet but they are The Macintosh Way, Database 101 and Computer Curmudgeon. Go grab them no doubt full of great knowledge.

Ask Aaron Lee – 7 Steps To Follow If Your Twitter Account is Suspended

So this is nothing new. But it is currently helping me with one of my clients who have their twitter accounts suspended for no good reason. This Blog post was written just over three years ago and judging by the comments its still helping people today. :-) great work Aaron. If you have had your Twitter account suspended suddenly you can use these methods to try and get your account back up and running, providing you have been following the rules.

The Twin Cities Maker – Raspberry Pi Powered Cat Feeder

For all your Cat loving Geeks out there this is a must. Make your own cat feeder because getting out of your den is hard enough, and its fun right! Using the raspberry Pi to feed your cat is just genius. The more Pi Projects I see I continue to be amazed at what they come up with and this one is a good one.

Sophos, Naked Security – Ransomware scares victims with child sex abuse images

So I get called all the time for Ransomware removal a lot, but really it has turned very vile recently with this new version. This new version as reported by Sophos’s Naked Security Team shows images purporting to be the sexual abuse of children. Saying that the machine has been used for the purposes of viewing child pornography. This lock screen shows images of Children supposedly aged as young as 13 years old. At the moment there is no way to tell if these images are of Children or what age they are but this kind or ransomeware has turned really sinister and will no doubt frighten some individuals into not getting in touch with Computer techs like myself because of the fear of arrest for something they did not do. And I wonder if it would also make them more likely to pay the “online fine” Scary thoughts indeed.

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