Four Short links of the Day… Tuesday 19th March.


John Doherty – 11 ways to drive traffic to your website.

First link of the day comes from John Doherty. He is a professional SEO, photographer and Traveller. So when he tells you about how to drive traffic to your website you pull up a chair and you listen. Weekly Newsletter 308

Some Ubuntu love now. As an avid user now for about 5 years. I use ubuntu where possible and have introduced a few people to it and they also love it. Its time to share the love. So here is the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter issue 308 for the Ubuntu community. Its a great place to pick up news with what is going on in the community.

Ars Technica Google Slips, Accidentally unveils Evernote like Google Keep Service. So google screwed up yesterday revealing that they have a new service in the pipeline. Here’s Ars Technicas take on the matter….

Trey Ratcliff – Stuck in Customs – The great Austin SXSW Photowalk

This is one of the most followed people on the planet, when he tweets that hes doing a photowalk… people they come from everywhere to be there… Stunning HD photography.

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