Google TV is coming…

It has been a long time coming. I for one as a techie have been asked lots to about how to connect the PC to the 42″ Flat Screen TV. Well no more my friends the internet is coming to your TV without all of the confusion.

So recently at the IFA 2010 Sony demonstrated the Sony Internet TV with Google TV built in as standard.

Here is that Demo…..

Google TV is going to be huge i feel. Its just the way things are going i think. I cant remember the amount of times ive been watching The Apprentice/Dragons Den/Football with Twitter on my laptop or my phone distracting me from the screen. Now it can be on the same screen shared.

Google TV have set up a Quick Tour website that you can visit here…

They also have a Blog which can be found here….

The Google TV Team also have a Twitter account you can follow here….

Google also released there own intro to Google TV Below.

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