How to install AVG Free 2011

Hi its that time again, a new version of AVG is available and i get lots of people asking how do i install avg free. So here is a little guide i hope you can print out and follow. Enjoy.

NOTE: If you have an older version of AVG don’t worry about anything just go right ahead and install the newer version. It will uninstall the old version automatically before installing the new version. If you have another Antivirus program then please remember to uninstall them first. If you have more than one Antivirus program running on a machine it will cause you lots of problems and let a lot of viruses onto your machine. This is because they cancel each other out and let everything in.

Firstly you need to download AVG Free 2010 you can do that here…

Once downloaded to your desktop you will be asked what you want to do with it. Click on the Run button or double click the fully downloaded program depending on your browser. If you are unsure leave a note in the comments and i will try and help you further.

So for me i use Google Chrome as my web browser this is what i see in the bottom left hand of my screen.

OK so double click the avg_free_stb_all_201….exe button and you will see this.

Wait a few minutes then you will see this.

Click the accept button…. next you will see this….

Select AVG free and a little dot will appear next to AVG free. Then click next…. you will see this….

Just click next to continue…

Select Quick install and then click next….

This time you will see two ticks I want you to untick “set yahoo as my default….” Like i have in the above image. You should do this or your home page will change to Yahoo and unless you are already using Yahoo you wont want this. Then click next….

Then wait as it downloads….

This may take a few minutes…

Once downloaded it will start to progress through the installation….

Wait a few more minutes…..

Click yes to reboot. Wait for your PC to reboot. Once rebooted your computer will carry on with the installation and present you with this…

Fill in the information asked for and click finish. You should then see AVG is installed and should look something like this….

Well done your installation is complete.

If you have experienced any problems installing AVG leave a note in the comments and i will try and get back to you as soon as i can.

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