Installing AVG Free 2013 – Step by Step

The first thing you are going to need to do is uninstall any antivirus product that you are working with at the moment. So click ‘start’ and then give ‘Control Panel’ a click.

From the ‘Control Panel’ Click on ‘Programs’ from the list.

Click on the antivirus product you have and then click uninstall.

Once uninstalled restart the computer.

Now click the link below to download AVG Free..


Click on the green download link you see above and it should start to download, Look in the bottom left of the screen and you should see that the program has downloaded as seen in the image below. (This is based on using Chrome as your browser, if using Internet Explorer or Firefox use your normal download procedures)


Click the mouse on the downloaded program you see in the example above. This should get the program installer going. This is what you will see.


Click Yes to Continue….


Now wait a few moments whilst the installer sortes itself out.


Now you will be able to read the terms and conditions. Click Accept to continue….


As we are installing the Free Anti-Virus click basic protection as in the image above and click next….


AVG will now display the Licence Number, click next to continue….


You have the option to install using the express install or a custom install. Click on the dot next to Express Install and click next to continue…. Only use custom install if you have a problem installing. In which case you should seek professional help.

AVG will now start to download files and install features and updates that it needs to install. As seen in the next two screenshots.



Once complete AVG may ask you to restart your computer. Click Restart now and your computer will restart and install updates that it needs once it has restarted.


Well Done.

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