iTunes 10.5 processor hog and wont run iTunes Store

Had one of those head screws the last few days with this one.

As soon as i run iTunes on my customers laptop with 4 GB ram and a dual core processor the system slows almost to a halt. I’ve looked at everything. I’ve uninstalled iTunes and re-installed it three or four times, tried updating the system with Sony updates and windows updates and all the other things that i could think of. Nope still hogs the processor. I tried a 32 bit version on a 64 bit machine, nope. No malware or viruses on the system. Nothing i did worked until i found this page…….

Where some users suggested that there is a winsock error.

Simply follow the following instructions.

Click Start
Click All Programs
Click Accessories
Right click on Command Prompt
(choose Run as Administrator) type in ‘Netsh winsock reset’ without the ‘
Restart your computer
Open iTunes
Try the store again.

You should also notice that the processor has settled down and you can use the computer normally :-) Happy days and three days of searching for the answer. Hope it helps someone…. :-)

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