Four Short Links… Friday 22nd March 2013

Morning all… Gizmodo – Apple Just Fixed a Huge Security Hole with Two-Step Verification So finally Apple catches up with the rest of the world with their security for all things Apple online. Two step security is by far the best and most secure way of ensuring that you are the person that is trying […]

Dropped your phone, Camera or iPod in water.

Save a phone, an ipod, a camera or other electronic device and save yourself hundreds of pounds for a replacement. Rescuetec has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and is proven to recover phones and other personal electronic devices, even after prolonged submersion in water. Other liquids such as salt water, alcohol, detergent and toilet contents can […]

Apple iPad 2

Ok so today saw the release of the iPad 2. Here is the TV advert showing some of the kewl features in the new iPad. Isn’t it shiny…… 🙂 For more info check out the Apple website at the link below. You can now watch the full keynote to the launch here too….

Apple TV Raaaaaaaggghhhrrrrr!

So its here Apple TV available in the UK for £99 Seem’s pretty cool to me and the viewing quality is awesome 🙂 Check out this awesome video review from techtomorrow on Youtube…. Check out their awesome channel over at YouTube here…. You can also check out the apple website for more information here…. All […]

I’m getting more and more questions about the iPad.

So there you have it a little video advert about the Ipad. Prices start at £475 Feel free to get in touch if you are interested. 07881 805523 or by email