How to unlike something on Facebook….

Hi folks, This is something I get asked quite a lot to tell you how to do so rather than explain it I thought I would put a little tutorial on here. Again not original material but something that I stole from another site so today’s lucky victim is the Sociallate website. Original post can […]

Firesheep Sniffs Out Facebook and Other User Credentials on Wi-Fi Hotspots

Here we go again another cracking story from Feel free to click along to the original Post on the Gizmodo site. Firefox: Firesheep sniffs out and steals cookies—and the account and identity of the owner in the process—of popular web sites (like Facebook and Twitter) from the browsing sessions of other users on the […]

Facebook back…

Update #3: Facebook has just tweeted that the problem has been fixed. “We’ve resolved the tech issues that caused the site to be unavailable for some people. Everyone should now have access.” UPDATE:apparently not. Still hearing reports of it being down!!!! UPDATE 1:55 am uk time: We’ve resolved the previously mentioned API issues. We apologize […]

Mike Isaac’s Facebook posting on Forbes…

I love this article and want to share it you.  You can find the original here…. Facebook Down, Internet Implodes: A Rundown Since Facebook stopped working intermittently for users yesterday and today, there’s been no dearth of complaining about it on the web. The e-whining coming from disgruntled users has risen to almost meme-like status […]