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Googles self driving car – Seriously!

Google have been working on a self-driving car that is going to make driving safer and more convenient than ever before. Most of you are probable thinking how is this even possible. Well the car has special cameras that measure how far objects are away from it. The self-driving car also has a sensor that will keep you at an appropriate distance from the car in front. No more tail-gating Dad! Currently the car can navigate the Bay area of San Francisco, USA and the major freeway system of the US. Google are still working on ways to handle sign and road changes. The car will of coarse make life a lot easier for the blind and for those elderly folk out there who cant see so well any more.

The Guys who attended Ted Talks this week were given an awesome preview of what to expect. One of the lucky peeps who attended took a video of the session :-) Enjoy.

And again :-)

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Google Recipe View…

So Foodie Folk this is for you.

The guys at Google have come up with something wonderful for those in the Kitchen.

So here is Google Executive Chef Scott Giambastiani to demonstrate:

Recipe View is a new search feature that allows you to find recipes from across the web. This new search feature allows you to narrow your search results to show only recipes. After searching for a recipe or ingredient on Google, select “Recipes” in the left-hand panel on the search results page. You can filter your results by ingredients, cook time, or calories.

They are still rolling this out to the whole web. So if you don’t see it on the right of your search results click the link below :-)


Happy Hunting

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Google TV is coming…

It has been a long time coming. I for one as a techie have been asked lots to about how to connect the PC to the 42″ Flat Screen TV. Well no more my friends the internet is coming to your TV without all of the confusion.

So recently at the IFA 2010 Sony demonstrated the Sony Internet TV with Google TV built in as standard.

Here is that Demo…..

Google TV is going to be huge i feel. Its just the way things are going i think. I cant remember the amount of times ive been watching The Apprentice/Dragons Den/Football with Twitter on my laptop or my phone distracting me from the screen. Now it can be on the same screen shared.

Google TV have set up a Quick Tour website that you can visit here…

They also have a Blog which can be found here….

The Google TV Team also have a Twitter account you can follow here….

Google also released there own intro to Google TV Below.

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Just wanted to share a really cool website…

We all use Google to search don’t we unless of coarse your really weird and Bing or something. Bing is OK you can still do that with this.

Anyway StartSkins allow you to have your very own google/bing/yahoo homepage looking just the way you like it. For instance you can like me set your home page to this very hot looking Megan Fox.

So do yourself a favour and get yourself along to StartSkins.com and set up your very own customised search page. :-)

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