Guide to installing OpenOffice.

After celebrating OpenOffices tenth birthday last month I though it was high time I wrote a guide to installing OpenOffice on your PC. Contrary to popular belief there are many options when it comes to office software. OpenOffice is just one of them. So lets get started…. The OpenOffice website is well written and easy […]

How to unlike something on Facebook….

Hi folks, This is something I get asked quite a lot to tell you how to do so rather than explain it I thought I would put a little tutorial on here. Again not original material but something that I stole from another site so today’s lucky victim is the Sociallate website. Original post can […]

AVG Internet Security 2011

How to install AVG Free 2011

Hi its that time again, a new version of AVG is available and i get lots of people asking how do i install avg free. So here is a little guide i hope you can print out and follow. Enjoy. NOTE: If you have an older version of AVG don’t worry about anything just go […]