Four Short Links – Thursday 21st March 2013

Morning all.. Here are today’s four short links. Google Official Blog – Google Keep, Save what’s on your mind. A new service that lets you make post it notes that you never lose and you can take them with you where ever you go. Cnet – Koala iPad mount lets you stick it to […]

Four short links – Monday 18th March 2013

Good Morning all. Here are todays Four short links. First up is From the Nasa Image of the day gallery. Showing the crew of expedition 34 on the International Space Station on terra firma. Its amazing to think these guys spent 142 days in Zero Gravity and you can see Cmdr Ford standing without any […]

Dropped your phone, Camera or iPod in water.

Save a phone, an ipod, a camera or other electronic device and save yourself hundreds of pounds for a replacement. Rescuetec has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and is proven to recover phones and other personal electronic devices, even after prolonged submersion in water. Other liquids such as salt water, alcohol, detergent and toilet contents can […]



So today I noticed a small scratch on my sexy iPhone. It’s pissed me off. I can see it even though it’s the tiniest of scratches. Arrrggghhh…. Tomorrow it’s sexy iPhone cover day. No more naked iPhones. Naked iPhones should be illegal. So this morning I call into my neighbors house to say hi and […]