Quick Security Link…. How safe is your web browser?

How much stuff do you do in your web browser? Internet Banking, Shopping, Email, etc, etc, How much of this would you want to get into another persons hands? This can happen just from your browser. Regardless of the fact that you have full Virus protection. These vulnerabilities get through your Virus protections. So do […]

Gmail Security Checklist – general security check list….

So Gmail a little while ago released – Gmail Security Check-list. A Comprehensive check-list to ensure that your system is secure and that your not one script away from having your Gmail account sending out herbal remedies to all your buddies email accounts. Even if you don’t have a Gmail account I think this is […]

How to Remove My Security Shield

Today i had the pleasure of removing this infection from a computer. As a rule i remove these types of infections using instructions from the www.bleepingcomputer.com website. This removal guide is provided by them on their website here…. What this infection does: My Security Shield is a rogue anti-spyware program from the same family as […]