Four short links – Monday 18th March 2013

Good Morning all. Here are todays Four short links. First up is From the Nasa Image of the day gallery. Showing the crew of expedition 34 on the International Space Station on terra firma. Its amazing to think these guys spent 142 days in Zero Gravity and you can see Cmdr Ford standing without any […]

Quick Security Link…. How safe is your web browser?

How much stuff do you do in your web browser? Internet Banking, Shopping, Email, etc, etc, How much of this would you want to get into another persons hands? This can happen just from your browser. Regardless of the fact that you have full Virus protection. These vulnerabilities get through your Virus protections. So do […]

Use LinkedIn Beware the email

On Monday morning, cybercriminals began sending massive volumes of spam email messages targeting LinkedIn users. Starting at approximately 10am GMT, users of the popular business-focused social networking site began receiving emails with a fake contact request containing a malicious link. According to Cisco Security Intelligence, these messages accounted for as much as 24% of all […]

AVG thinks itunes is malware…

Word on the street is that the latest update from AVGs definitions has found that it thinks iTunes is MALWARE and has been disabling iTunes on folks machines. The latest update flags iTunes.dll and iTunesRegistry.dll as “Trojan horse Small.BOG”. There isn’t a listing for “Trojan horse Small.BOG” on AVG’s website so the flag is somewhat […]