How to Install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

Sometimes you will receive Microsoft Word or Excel attachments that someone has sent you and you cant open them. Mostly its because the person sending you the document is using either office 2007 or office 2010 and you are using an older version. To get around this you need to install the compatibility pack for […]

Unable to Open .PPS Attachments Directly From Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail on Windows Vista

Had this problem today….. thought I would share the solution. When you open a .PPS or .PPT file that came as a mail attachment in Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, you may see the Open / Cancel dialog box. When you select Open, the following error may be displayed. This may happen even though […]

How to scan documents using Windows Photo Gallery

This is a customer request…. I’ve been asked how to do this on a number of occasions and below is what is required to scan a document from your scanner to your computer. The original content of this tutorial can be found here. Before you begin, make sure that you’ve installed your scanner on the […]

How to transfer photos from your camera to your Windows Vista PC

Well this one is a request from a customer so I thought I would write a blog post about this. Below are instructions taken from the dummies books and also found on the website here…. Although most digital cameras come with their own software, Windows Vista has its own built-in wizard for downloading (or […]