How to change or make your printer the default printer.

This is another customer request….. Change your default printer If more than one printer is connected to your computer, you can choose one to use by default. Choose the printer you will use most often. That way, when you print using Windows or your programs, you won’t have to select a printer each time. You […]

Run a program as Administrator in Windows 7 and how to not allow a program to run as Administrator.

Note – This will allow you run a program as the Administrator. This isn’t default on most programs because windows doesn’t want you making changes to your PC that could harm it. 1. Right click on the program you want to run as the Administrator. A menu will appear in a drop down. Select Properties. […]

Spotify announces its available to windows phone users…. who?

Well Today Spotify and Microsoft stepped out to announce it has released Spotify for the few Windows phone 6.x’s that are out there. The full list of features for Windows Phone includes: · Search, browse and play millions of tracks · Stream over WiFi or 2.5/3G – All your existing playlists are available · Offline […]