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Pancake Day


Six things you need to know about pancake day

With Shrove Tuesday upon us, WIRED obviously had a moral obligation to gather together the best pancake-related facts.  So we did, and they include pancake-flipping robots and pancake-wearing rabbits. Are you excited? You better be excited…..

The day the NHS saved my life: my migraines alerted me to a brain tumour

During my penultimate year of medical school, I was having really terrible migraines. I wasn’t too concerned. I always used to get auras with them, and one day I was talking to my mum in the kitchen and I realised that, for a second or two, I had lost the ability to speak…..

You Can Get 2GB of Free Google Drive Storage Today

Want some more space for your documents? Of course you do. Well, you can grab 2GB of extra capacity on Google Drive for free today. Here’s how.  All you need to to is head to Google and run through a very brief security update…….

Safer Internet Day: ‘Quarter of teenagers’ subjected to online trolls

One in four teenagers suffered hate abuse online in the last year, a major report has revealed.  A survey of 13 to 18-year-olds found 24 per cent reported that they were targeted on the internet because of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability or transgender identity……

West Ham eager to continue as Liverpool’s nemesis in FA Cup replay

Slaven Bilic will probably be the more animated manager during West Ham United’s FA Cup fourth-round replay against Liverpool on Tuesday. Jürgen Klopp’s usual exuberance on the touchline is likely to be curtailed somewhat following surgery on his appendix………

Storm IX

The ninth severe storm of the season barrelled into the cliffs of Cornwall yesterday. It was the most severe so far in what has been a very stormy winter. Our winters are becoming noticeably more stormy, no doubt a consequence of climate change, but also hoping that the relentless stormy weather this year is also partly attributable to the current El Niño. There have been precious few days this winter with sunshine and light winds……..

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