Top Five ways to keeping your Windows PC running smoothly…..

1. Have anti-virus software and make sure its the latest version.

Cant afford an expensive anti-virus package? Then don’t fork out for one. Take a look at this – How to install AVG free 2013 tutorial…..

2. Run regular malware scans

I always recommend using Malwarebytes as 75% of the time this will get you out of jail.

Here is a little tutorial I found on-line….

3. Run CCleaner once per week

CCleaner stands for Crap Cleaner and it does exactly what is says on the tin. It clears away all of your temporary internet files and all stuff that your computer no longer needs. Its surprising sometimes just how big your Temp stuff will add up to. Its also a good way to clear some space on your system.

Again here is a step by step guide to installing and running CCleaner.,-Install-and-Use-Ccleaner-2012-Free-Edition

4. Stop some of the programs that are not essential from running on start up.

When you install programs on your machine often it will default to run in the background. This is fine if its something like an essential service like your Anti-Virus package. But if its just your office package this really is not necessary.

Here is a guide on how to use msconfig to turn off non-essential items.

5. Have SmartDefrag installed and allow it to auto Defrag every fortnight.

Defragging of a Windows machine is essential. You should do this at least once per month if your doing it manually. The best thing about this SmartDefrag program is you siply install it and you forget its on your computer. It basically defrags whilst you are away from the keyboard. And every Two weeks the system does a complete defrag and you can work whilst it is defragging it wont interfere with the program.

Anyway here is a link to install SmartDefrag

and another link on how to use SmartDefrag.

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