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ActiveCaptain Interactive Cruising Guidebook including marina reviews, moorings, contact information, pricing, services, amenities, maps, charts, anchorages……

Sailing With A Windvane

Manufactured in Sweden since 1976, Sailomat windvanes employ the servo-pendulum system (SPS) and are available in models to fit yachts……….

S / Y Mathilde

The blog here is a collection of travel letters and other information that is updated regularly. All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them. The blog is written and edited by Mads Bo Falk……..

Voyaging with Annie Hill

As I now sail and live on board my little boat alone in New Zealand, I guess this blog should now be called ‘Pottering with Annie Hill’! However, I will stick with the old name, because it refers back to my book, ‘Voyaging on a Small Income’. One day, ‘Fantail’ and I may take a voyage together overseas. Who knows? In the meantime, my adventures are perhaps much smaller than they used to be, but I hope you will continue to enjoy reading about them…..

Sailing Totem

I’m Behan. In 2008, my family went through a radical lifestyle change. We sold most of our belongings, moved onto our boat, and sailed away from home. With a deep commitment to sustainable living and a desire to live life to the fullest, we’ve been slowly traveling afloat since 2008……



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